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The most important part of a video is the script and not the actual video quality. Whether you have a high quality video or a mediocre one, if the script isn’t good, it won’t convert well.

The goal of the video is to answer all of your potential customers’ questions and concerns. If you can do that in a short video, you’ll see an increase in your conversions. If you can’t, you won’t see your sales increase.

Write a script
Create  voice-over
Test your video


we make explainer videos. But it’s more than that.
It’s about awakening your best story.
Showing people what your brand is all about.
Engaging. Instigating. Converting.

Because your brand already has a voice – we’re here to amplify it.

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Video Presentations, Business Videos, Video Coverage in Dubai

Video Presentations and Online Videos

Video Presentations

Create Professional Business Video Presentations for Your Website, YouTube or face book etc.

By converting your presentation to video, we can turn your sales presentations into engaging videos that can be used multiple times and sent around the world.

We help to create online videos and presentations of their sales messages, which can be sent directly to customers – instantly getting rid of expensive travel costs.

Interactive video presentations offer higher impact and are more memorable than plain text based messaging; it’s an interactive presentation. Information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text

We can turn any company presentation into video:
· Company Presentations and Online Videos
· CEO Presentation
· Sales Video Presentations
· Company video Production
· Product video Production
· Training video improve information retention and eeffectivenessss

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Video Service -Video Shooting & Film Production in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Video Coverage In Dubai

Bright Innovations is a video production company in Dubai serving the corporate, advertising and direct response industries in the UAE.

When you need to hire crew for a video Coverage or digital cinema shoot our thoroughly tested cameras, support equipment, and experienced vetted crews mean you will get the pictures and sound you need.
Bright provides you with highly skilled lighting cameramen, sound recordists, data technicians and other crew, all with experience in television, commercials and corporate work.

We determined to deliver the best high definition quality video shooting with the dedication of our team. Through collective effort, we ensure best video shooting effects using our best equipment and technical expertise. Our clients have been coming back for more, seeing our quality work at affordable rates.
Video Coverage is an art that needs to be refined continuously in order to keep with the advancing technologies of the fast moving age.

we have state of the art Multi Camera Setup and post production facility. We have a team of highly talented script writers to help and assist our clients on all kind of subjects for film making, Video Coveragedocumentaries, corporate videos, music videos, short films etc. We believe in incorporating fresh ideas and thinking into the subjects and at same time keep our self up to date with everyday changing realities around our region and the world at large.

We are involved in various forms of video production on multiple platforms. These are rest of the video making that fulfill our creative hunger:
Corporate Video presentation
Documentary films
Training film
Video Shooting
Video Coverage

Company profile
Marketing Videos
Branding Films
Promotional Film
Celebration filmEvent Collaterals
Trade Show Film
Product DemoFilm
Presentation films
Short films
Animations and walkthroughs
Motion graphics film
Audio Visuals

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Video Production, Corporate Videos, 2D Animations, Motion graphics, Video Shooting

This 1st step of the video production process is the planning, research, Scheduling and organizational work you do before the shooting starts.

This phase includes…

  • Budget
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  •  Locations
  • Audience
  • Length
  • Purpose
  • Narration
  • Music
  • Talent
  • Clearances
  • Production
  • Facilities, etc. ..

Without a good plan and organization the production of the video can become a grind!

The Video Production Script

A good script will keep you on track…! And… most importantly…

Will help you produce a video that you can be proud of!

The script will include all  the ingredients that will go into your production.

The video production script is part of the video production process and is normally written before the production is started…


The simple purpose of video production stage lighting equipment is to provide enough illumination in the scene so that the camera can accurately reproduce the image you are videoing.


Select suitable camera for your output

Lighting Equipment

The simple purpose of video production stage lighting equipment is to provide enough illumination in the scene so that the camera can accurately reproduce the image you are videoing.

Digital Video Editing

Always edit for your audience and “see” your video from their point of view and you’ll make videos that they’ll want to watch from beginning to end.

 Output format

Quick time, AVI, MPEG2, DVD , USB etc.

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