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Website Design – What Do You Need?

You can create many different types of websites, so I thought I’d outline what you need to do, depending on the kind of site you desire. Before you begin, just understand that no matter what type of site you want to build, you need a domain name and a web host.

Static HTML/CSS Website Design

A static website means the files are loaded “as is” on the web server. So if you just want a very basic website with no Editing or additional functionality then you would choose this option. The downside is if you want to add Product, shopping carts, or other advanced functionality, it can be challenging for the average user.

Dynamic Website Design

You can actually organize them more by content like this static website just by changing up the menus. You can upload photos , Videos and descriptions without any programming knowledge

E Commerce Website Design

For example, if you want to sell products from your site, you could make E commerce website which will embed the “store functionality” on your pages.

Membership or User Interactive Web Sites

If you want to create a website that has some kind of membership or user interaction/uploads/downloads, then you might want to consider this options

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