Bright provides photography services for events and conferences in Dubai and across the UAE. We specialise in this area to ensure that we give our clients the best photography and videography results every time.

Our mission is to make high-quality videography and photography services easy, to a wide variety of clients, at an affordable price, providing a service that makes choosing and using us an effortless decision. We help our clients plan, capture, produce and save their memorable moments. We are the one stop, production house.

Motion graphics
Event Coverage
Product Video
Technical Videos
Safety Videos

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Product demo video, Product Specification videos

Product demo videos need clarity and focus. In a short period of time, need to accomplish a number of different goals, including: – Demonstrate the uniqueness of your product – Convey how it will solve the specific problem the customer has – Show how the product is superior to the competition


2D Animation
2D animation is one of the most popular startup video styles because its relative simplicity and affordability. Typical price range is

Live Action
In pure live action demo videos all footage has been recorded using a video camera in the real world. Some titles or effects may be added in post-production to enhance the final video.
The need for real live actors, locations, props, film crew and extensive post production can make live action

Infographic demo videos are a type of 2D animation that relies heavily in typography by advancing a virtual camera over words, numbers and images in a fluid motion.

Animation has made stop motion whiteboard demo videos world wide popular with their beautifully crafted inspirational pieces.

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