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Bright is a full service,Web design house located in United Arab Emirates targeting local and international businesses alike. We focuses on cutting-edge web solutions, high performance web hosting, design and e-marketing services.

We provide solutions for web design, web development, corporate identity, mobile apps, internet marketing, eCommerce and social media in Dubai, UAE.

Our passionate and talented team members are expertise in everything in digital industry. From web designing and development to web hosting and server configurations till online marketing and conversion traffic to sales – we are competent in all the departments.
We are a leading web development services company, offers cost effective web development solutions to the small, medium, and large corporate businesses.


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Video Service -Video Shooting & Film Production in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Video Coverage In Dubai

Bright Innovations is a video production company in Dubai serving the corporate, advertising and direct response industries in the UAE.

When you need to hire crew for a video Coverage or digital cinema shoot our thoroughly tested cameras, support equipment, and experienced vetted crews mean you will get the pictures and sound you need.
Bright provides you with highly skilled lighting cameramen, sound recordists, data technicians and other crew, all with experience in television, commercials and corporate work.

We determined to deliver the best high definition quality video shooting with the dedication of our team. Through collective effort, we ensure best video shooting effects using our best equipment and technical expertise. Our clients have been coming back for more, seeing our quality work at affordable rates.
Video Coverage is an art that needs to be refined continuously in order to keep with the advancing technologies of the fast moving age.

we have state of the art Multi Camera Setup and post production facility. We have a team of highly talented script writers to help and assist our clients on all kind of subjects for film making, Video Coveragedocumentaries, corporate videos, music videos, short films etc. We believe in incorporating fresh ideas and thinking into the subjects and at same time keep our self up to date with everyday changing realities around our region and the world at large.

We are involved in various forms of video production on multiple platforms. These are rest of the video making that fulfill our creative hunger:
Corporate Video presentation
Documentary films
Training film
Video Shooting
Video Coverage

Company profile
Marketing Videos
Branding Films
Promotional Film
Celebration filmEvent Collaterals
Trade Show Film
Product DemoFilm
Presentation films
Short films
Animations and walkthroughs
Motion graphics film
Audio Visuals

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Product demo video, Product Specification videos

Product demo videos need clarity and focus. In a short period of time, need to accomplish a number of different goals, including: – Demonstrate the uniqueness of your product – Convey how it will solve the specific problem the customer has – Show how the product is superior to the competition


2D Animation
2D animation is one of the most popular startup video styles because its relative simplicity and affordability. Typical price range is

Live Action
In pure live action demo videos all footage has been recorded using a video camera in the real world. Some titles or effects may be added in post-production to enhance the final video.
The need for real live actors, locations, props, film crew and extensive post production can make live action

Infographic demo videos are a type of 2D animation that relies heavily in typography by advancing a virtual camera over words, numbers and images in a fluid motion.

Animation has made stop motion whiteboard demo videos world wide popular with their beautifully crafted inspirational pieces.

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Telephone Recordings, IVR, Auto Attendants in Dubai, U.A.E, Ajman

Telephone Recordings In Dubai, more than 70% of the people are foreign worker and expats. The diversity of people means languages are very different from each other. But in so far as languages are concerned, Engliand Arabic are the most widely spoken.

At Bright Innovations, we have an array of artists that can deliver clear, very understandable and highly professional telephone recordings for English and Arabic, as well as other languages if requested. Hindi, Malayalam, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese and a multitude of others. Name it, we have it.


– Makes your company/organization sound more professional
– First impressions last. A professional welcome message will reflect in the professionalism of your whole company
– Bridge language gaps through clear and understandable recordings
– Entertaining and informative recordings while your callers are on hold.
– Advertise your company’s history and services through recordings your callers can hear.

All our recording artists are all based in Dubai, so you can personally talk to them if necessary. Sometimes pronunciations of certain company names and terms can only be learned through a conversation with the artist and someone from the client’s company.

Bright Innovations’s English and Arabic artists are specifically diverse, so you can choose which accent and which nationality will do you recording. We have artists who can record American English, British English, Australian English, and even Asians and Middle Eastern artists who can speak good English. For our Arabic artists, we have Arabic speakers from Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and of course, local Emiratis from the UAE. Demands for Al Khaleeji accents are on the rise recently and we have added more of them.

For all your telephone recording needs in

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah and the rest of the UAE, or even if you are abroad, you cant trust Bright Innovation will handle your requirements professionally.


Bitcoin Payments Now Accepted



Bright Innovations is now accepting Bitcoin payment from our clients. Adding bitcoin as a mode of payment will make it easier and cheaper for our clients to pay for our services, especially to those who are located outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, Bright Innovations will now give its artists and third party suppliers to ask for bitcoin payments if they wish to be paid in bitcoin.

qr Send us a TIP on: 1Hum2kacLNyFCQoZdCRYaYotd8WKfNv6sv

If you do not have a bitcoin wallet, you can create one from Blockchain or CoinBase.

Website Design – What is Website Design?

What is Website Design?

Website Design, is the process of creating the graphic design of each part of the website, and turning that into code (HTML/CSS, PHP , & ASP etc.) that is suitable for the internet.

Our Website Design Principles

We make all our website designs conform to the following rules:

  • W3C standards-compliant
  • Cross-browser consistency for stability
  • Clear navigation, to make the site easy to use your clients
  • Make text easy to read
  • Organise content in an intuitive manner
  • Make the website reflect the personality of the company

How long will it take?

This will vary depending on the project and also depending on how busy we are at the time. If you are in a rush to get the website completed then we may be able to push your job to get it completed quickly. The quickest we are likely to be able to complete your site is 2 weeks.


How much will it cost?

Website is different so it is not possible to give a price right now but we work with you to figure out exactly how long the site is going to take in work hours and then we price the site based on this.

How we work.?

It is important that the development process is clear and allows the client and developer to work together in the most productive way. Below is a description of the key stages we will work through with you during the development process.


Firstly we’ll work with you to find out what it is you need from your website. This will include what the business goals for the website are, who visitors to your website will be and what you want them to be able to do, how the website should look in terms of existing branding or the image you want to portray and any technical requirements you may have.


Once we have your requirements we can look at what content will need to go on your website e.g. text, images, downloads, video, flash. The content will be informed by the requirements as it will need to communicate your message(s) to visitors and prompt them to take the action you want.


Now we know what the content is going to be we can start to structure it and decide what pages are needed and how they should be grouped and linked together. For complex sites we may also look at the different a visitor could take through your website.


The design stage may begin before the structure has been finalised but once this has happened and we know what pages there will be and what will be on them we can finally give you an idea of what the finished website will look like.


Once we have all the content and have finalised the structure and design we can begin to build the pages of your website.


Do you want to redesign?

Your website might be the most aesthetically pleasing piece of work on the Internet, but if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has not been taken into account during the design phase, you might need to totally redesign your entire website. This might come as a shocker to you especially if people tell you how cool your site looks or if you win design awards. You might also need a redesign if your website’s interface has not changed for many years. It might give people the impression that you do not about staying current. A website that looks like it is from the 90s is definitely not good in 2011 and going forward.

A website fully created in Flash will require a redesign as soon as possible. The reason for this being SEO. Search engines cannot read the content of your website if all of it is contained in Flash elements. A full Flash website might be okay if you are a large, well-known corporation, but chances are, if you are reading this article, you aren’t a large well known company, and therefore, you should not be using Flash as your main way to display the content on your website. Similar effects can now be accomplished with techniques such as Javascript if you are really concerned about them, which will still allow your site to be indexed and read by the search engines.

If your website is loading slowly, and you have a good host, you are probably using too many images with large files sizes. There are many techniques to lower the file size of images, but you should consider redesigning the website to use less images and more of the modern coding technique, CSS, to accomplish the coloring you want.

Our Hosting Partners

Our hosting partners are UK-based companies who are pioneers in developing innovative online solutions. Thanks to this fruitful partnership, a joint network has been set up, accommodating more than 21 000 web hosting accounts and 53 000 domains


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Video Production, Corporate Videos, 2D Animations, Motion graphics, Video Shooting

This 1st step of the video production process is the planning, research, Scheduling and organizational work you do before the shooting starts.

This phase includes…

  • Budget
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  •  Locations
  • Audience
  • Length
  • Purpose
  • Narration
  • Music
  • Talent
  • Clearances
  • Production
  • Facilities, etc. ..

Without a good plan and organization the production of the video can become a grind!

The Video Production Script

A good script will keep you on track…! And… most importantly…

Will help you produce a video that you can be proud of!

The script will include all  the ingredients that will go into your production.

The video production script is part of the video production process and is normally written before the production is started…


The simple purpose of video production stage lighting equipment is to provide enough illumination in the scene so that the camera can accurately reproduce the image you are videoing.


Select suitable camera for your output

Lighting Equipment

The simple purpose of video production stage lighting equipment is to provide enough illumination in the scene so that the camera can accurately reproduce the image you are videoing.

Digital Video Editing

Always edit for your audience and “see” your video from their point of view and you’ll make videos that they’ll want to watch from beginning to end.

 Output format

Quick time, AVI, MPEG2, DVD , USB etc.

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Website Design – Web development, Responsive Web Designs, Online Product Catalog

Website Design – What Do You Need?

You can create many different types of websites, so I thought I’d outline what you need to do, depending on the kind of site you desire. Before you begin, just understand that no matter what type of site you want to build, you need a domain name and a web host.

Static HTML/CSS Website Design

A static website means the files are loaded “as is” on the web server. So if you just want a very basic website with no Editing or additional functionality then you would choose this option. The downside is if you want to add Product, shopping carts, or other advanced functionality, it can be challenging for the average user.

Dynamic Website Design

You can actually organize them more by content like this static website just by changing up the menus. You can upload photos , Videos and descriptions without any programming knowledge

E Commerce Website Design

For example, if you want to sell products from your site, you could make E commerce website which will embed the “store functionality” on your pages.

Membership or User Interactive Web Sites

If you want to create a website that has some kind of membership or user interaction/uploads/downloads, then you might want to consider this options

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IVR Recording Dubai, Telephone Greetings Message, On Hold Messages, Radio, TV Voice Overs …

High quality IVR prompts in U.A.E


Your callers are on hold. It’s a great opportunity to promote your company and the products and services it offers; it’s also a great opportunity to provide some generic content and tips that will interest callers. It’s called being abundant and in today’s business climate, being abundant can yield dividends by increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.

This information may be implemented in any on hold program for any length of time. Mix and these messages with some personalized marketing content for a complete Message On Hold program. Once you’ve built your script please send to us for review and pricing.

2)Finding the right voice talent for your prompt

Finding the right sound for your brand is difficult. You need to consider your target audience. What type of voice will they be expecting to hear when they call in? Is it an authoritative, business-like, professional voice? Or are you trying to confer a feeling of warmth and trust? You want to set the tone for the call, putting the caller in the correct state of mind, whether that is at ease, or hurried, or eager to purchase.

3)Selecting your new voice actor for the right sound

After selecting the voice actor you want to work with, we suggest listening to their sample recording many, many times. Think about how words sound, the inflection of the voice, and determine how you want the prompt to be paced. By providing specific instructions, you will ensure you get exactly the recording your brand needs.

4)Editing the audio with Background Music

After Finishing the recording  you can select any music from our music back up

5)Installation format for PABX

After  your confirmation we will convert the raw file to your required format

Wave, mp3, VOX, U-law, A-law etc.

For more information please visit www.brightdxb.com or call 042730845 and 052 9746578, http://www.brightdxb.com/artists.php


IVR Recording in Dubai,  Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.